The why & the people behind Low-Fi

What is Low-Fi?

We want to help create an open and sustainable music scene that allows musicians and audiences to create more unique and intimate music experiences together. Therefore, we have started Low-Fi - an online marketplace that gives us all easy access to talented upcoming and independent musicians.

Why are we doing this?

Well, music is everywhere today. It is literally at our fingertips, through mobile devices and streaming. But as the access to music has become as easy and as inexpensive as turning on a faucet, we also have stopped appreciating its value and its creators.

Low-Fi wants to bring the value back by building a community around live music in intimate settings. We believe that musicians should get paid. We know that they have spent years honing their craft, money buying equipment and studio time, and countless hours trying to reach their fans by any means possible.

We also believe that music is a powerful way for us to connect and communicate, across our differences. We want to make people listen again and make music something that happens not just for us but between us.

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The people behind low-fi