DO business WITH MUSIC


Empower your team with an office COncert

What is an office concert?

Imagine that on Tuesday afternoon or a Thursday morning, a corner of your office is transformed into a mini stage for an hour or so. A talented musician stops by and the team gets an exclusive and amazing live music experience.

Why should we do this?

Live music is a powerful tool. It increases subjective well-being, promotes a sense of togetherness, lowers stress and boosts creativity. An office concert functions as a creative breathing space for your team, while building social capital.

How does it work?

Based on your wishes and what you tell us about size, space and company culture, we will find the right musicians and create a special moment, just for your company. Our team takes care of all the practical details, including set-up and facilitation.

Let's help you create a powerful moment

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Don’t just take our word for it!

“When you create unique experiences for your employees, you get happier, more motivated and more productive employees. It is the responsibility of companies to build motivation and well being: Music and passion definitely rhymes.”

- Jeff Gravenhorst the CEO of ISS A/S 

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Electro Pop