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 Find a concert you would love to experience and ask the host if you can join. There are two ways to join a concert 1) buying a ticket or 2)claiming a seat and donate at the concert - this depend on the concert format.  

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@Pernille expressed this about an intimate concert experience with @Martsal:lidell

"For intensity and atmosphere there are not many experiences that can match a Low-Fi concert. I was hooked from the moment I took off my shoes in Erland’s entrance to join his concert in socks together with strangers, bookshelves, pillows and family pictures. This was definitely not my last house concert! "

@Kate shared these words after an intimate concert with @Fjer  

" It was amazing to see Fjer in such an intimate beautiful setting in KW3. I had listened to her new single on Spotify and was already fairly excited from the beginning, but the concert simply passed all my expectations. She was great at sensing the mood of the crowd, switching between being sincere, engaging, charming and entertaining. With her personality and authentic style she totally got under my skin! "

@Jesper said this after an intimate concert with @ARViD

I had a great evening in the good company of Arvid and his sidekick Lars. Arvid combines well composed tunes with extremely well written and deep lyrics. I'm a big fan!!I also want to give a 'shout out' to LowFi, because the concept is brilliant and makes people come together over music in the perfect seetings!!

@Alexia shared this about an intimate concert with @Matt Bednarsky

" I attended Matt's concert in Copenhagen and it was a delightful evening. Matt is very talented and I enjoyed the stripped down, raw performance: just a guy and his guitar. Matt also has a great sense of humor. I loved his stories behind his songs; it really added color and context to the performance."