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1. Explore the music

You are more than welcome to explore our bands. If you want to get in touch with bands you have to  sign-up. It takes a few clicks and voilá then you can start a conversation with the musicians you like the most.

2. Make a deal

When you have found the musicians you would like to play at your event - you have to agree on format and date etc. When everything comes beautifully together you can hit the book button and you have deal.

3. Enjoy the music

Now it's time for you to invite your friends - tell them what you have planned or keep it a secret... Enjoy an intimate music experience that will amplify the togetherness and make your event very special.

Explore the music

People who invited music into their homes, SAY...

@Mie and her collective hosted a concert with one of the SPOT festival bands during the festival days 2016

" It was our first house concert and we didn’t knew what to expect at all! The musicians came some hours before to set up and say hello. It surprised me how thankful they were for playing in our living room - as we felt we were the lucky once to have them
playing. The concert was amazing! I remember that I looked around and saw how everyone was totally immersed into the music.
It was very special night! "

@Erland has hosted two concerts in his beautiful living room in Copenhagen

"As a music lover and peer-to-peer technology enthusiast it's amazing that I now have the possibility to host my own concert events in such an easy and fun way - people who show up for my events are all somebody who share the same kind of interest and respect for the music."

@Lotte hosted her first concert and invited all her neighbors

"Hosting a Low-Fi concert in my living room with the fantastic danish act Rest in Beats, was absolutely A wonderful experience! Very intimate and breathtaking. I invited all my neighbors and the concert gave us the common experience and feeling I was hoping for!"