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Musicians who have played, say...

@Fjer (US) played a fully booked crowdfunded concert  in August 2016

" Landed in New York last night. Supremely jet lagged today. Just now starting to take in the emotions of Thursday's concert through Low-Fi. This was hands down one of the best nights of my life. I've never enjoyed playing and sharing my music so much. Look at this place?! There's a tree next to the speakers. It was completely packed with amazing people. They sang with me. I almost cried. I.... Can't even explain "

@Merime (FR) went on Summer Europe tour w. Caramé (IT) a played a crowdfunded concert in Copenhagen 2016

" Playing house concerts is an intimate and beautiful way to connect with people. It definitely suits how Caramé and I (Merime) want to share our music, as a real interaction between us and our audience, and a means to bring people together. The team
behind Low-Fi understands that very well and have built their platform on this idea. They are eager not only to faciltate this encounter between artists and their audience, but to also make sure that artists get a decent retribution for their performance."

@Jeppe Højgaard and Clara Bryld (DK) played a fully booked crowdfunded concert  in August 2016

"It was a really nice experience to play with Low-fi as host. Stine, Anne and their crew did a great job welcoming both us and the audience, creating an open and relaxed atmosphere. We are big fans of home concerts. It's always a giving experience to meet an audience in such an intimate setting. Thanks Low-Fi for doing such a great job creating new possibilities and new spaces for artists and audiences!"

@Marstal:lidell (DK) played a sold out concert in Erland's living room in January 2016 

"I had the pleasure to play an intimate concert at Erland's place. We played a sold-out concert in his beautiful surroundings, stylish, soulful and atmospheric. After playing at several Low-Fi events, I must say that there is always a special atmosphere of importance, value and open ears!"