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Host: Erland Jacobsen

"As a music lover and peer-to-peer technology enthusiast it's amazing that I now have the possibility to host my own concert events in such an easy and fun way - people who show up for my events are all somebody who share the same kind of interest and respect
for the music."

Musician: Anna Lidell

"I had the pleasure to play an intimate concert at Erland's place. We played a sold-out concert in his beautiful surroundings, stylish, soulfully and atmospheric. After playing at several Low-Fi events, I must say that there is always a special atmosphere of importance, value and open ears!"

Guest: Pernille M. Toldam

"For intensity and atmosphere there are not many experiences that can match a Low-Fi concert. I was hooked from the moment I took off my shoes in Erland’s entrance to join his concert in socks together with strangers, bookshelves, pillows and family pictures. This was definitely not my last house concert! " 

Dream on

First we need a little dreaming... What mood do you want to create with the music? Where do you imagine live music at your wedding? Is it at the ceremony, the reception or the party? Do you have a wedding music budget? It doesn't have to cost you a fortune - the average price for a couple of hours of live music here at Low-Fi is 500 USD.

Find and book music

Go to the marketplace and find the bands you like the most based on your preferences: genre, mood, location and price. Take a listen and start a conversation with the bands. Ask them first if they are available on your wedding day. If it's a match then settle on format and time. When everything is agreed your last step is simply to book the band and tatadaaa... then you'll have live music at your wedding.

Let us help you

Are you a little lost regarding what music or which bands that would be a fit for your wedding? Let us help you! We love matching music with mood, and we're actually pretty good at it ;) We just need some information about you, so fill in the form (click the button below) and we'll return shortly with some awesome suggestions.

Our musical ideas for the wedding

Psst... Low-Fi can supply everything below

Untraditional music at the ceremony

Have you ever considered complementing the hymns with songs from important moments in your life together? Or have the hymns being performed by a celloist or guitarist instead of being played on the organ. If the ceremony takes place outside the church, or maybe even out in the wild, the music can follow you there.

Acoustic concert at the reception

You can use the music to turn up the 'hygge' while you're getting a drink and a snack. Or give your guests a mini concert with for example a jazz trio or a singer songwriter narrating quirky love stories.

The first dance in your own way

According to tradition you have to dance your first dance before midnight. But to the sounds of...? Well, you actually decide yourself. It's your love that is celebrated so why not make the first dance your very own? Why not have a band play your song acoustically to make the moment even more magic?


There's a ton of ways to get a party started, but you can't have a good party without dancing. We would suggest swapping the iPad playlist with a funky DJ or a party band turning up the volume till the break of dawn, without you worrying about the next song!

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